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Tips for Planning your Drought Friendly Yard

Choose Your Plants Wisely

Key to designing a drought-tolerant yard is choosing plants that are able to endure California’s summer temperatures and that require little water for half of the year once they are planted.

Consider picking plants that are native to California or regions with Mediterranean climates. Plants that are naturally occurring in these climates will react positively to the conditions and experience fewer complications from little water or soil. They will also have a positive impact on attracting bees and butterflies beneficial to local plants and crops.

You can still have color! Lavender, for example, does well on little water, is native, and welcoming to hummingbirds and other local bees that help to pollinate the flowers in your garden as well as others. More colorful options include: Geraniums, Kangaroo paw, Pride of Madeira, Trumpet vines, and Wild Lilac.Be sure to check out P&L garden center for expert advice and customer service.

Central Valley Landscaping Plants

Take a look at some examples of native, Central California drought friendly plants.

Common Yarrow

Wild Yarrow

  • ‘Breeze’ dwarf mat rush

Dwarf Mat Rush

  • Fountain Grass

Fountain Grass

  • Four-wing Saltbush

Four-Wing Saltbush

  • Wild Lilac

Wild Lilac

  • Palmer’s Indian Mallow

Palmer's Indian Mallow

  • Creeping rosemary

Creeping Rosemary

  • Mexican Feather grass

Mexican Feather Grass

Steps to planning your drought tolerant yard

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